A Woman's Way

by Crosscurrents Music

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VInland the Good There on the strand did the broad sea-boat stand The ring-prowed, the dragon ship proud With fifty brave warriors and five women wise We set sail for the land of the vines. The sea-goer moved foamy-necked, floated forth The woollen sail snapped in the spray The world candle carried us into the west O'er the whale-path we set forth that day. For nine days and nine nights we never lost heart for the fifth ship to follow were we Where Erik the Red sent three of Erik's sons And the storm-tossed sea warrior Bjarni. He told of a land where wheat and grapes grew A land of flat stones, Helluland Then Markland of forest, and Vinland of vines And the sand on the broad Wunderstrand. Our sea-dragon surged o'er the strong struggling waves When we came at last to Leif the Lucky's land In his longhouses, turf-roofed, our troop found its rest And rejoiced in our fair newfound land. Who WIll Follow Troubled is my heart as I gaze across the frost-cold sea Tomorrow will the whale-path carry me again to my country. Who will follow? Surely they will come. Who will know us when our work is done? The memory of my kinsmen moves within me even as they fade Again I send my warrior out across the winter-woven wave. Who will follow? Surely they will come. Who will know us when our work is done? Here wealth is fleeting, friend is fleeting, man and woman fleeting fall The hearth is cold, the land is cold, my heart is cold to leave this hall. Who will follow? Surely they will come. Who will know us when our work is done? My son, you are a warrior, eldest born of this newfounded land. I wonder, will the whale-path carry you again to fair Vinland? Who will follow? Surely they will come. Who will know us when our work is done? I wonder, will the whale-path carry me again to fair Vinland?
(trad. coll. Martha Pellerin) C'est en m'y promenant le longue de ces prairies Dans mon chemin rencontrent Marguerite m'amie Je sais bien quelque chose que je ne veux pas dire Ah, que je ne dirais pas Qu'a vous a soupirer, Marguerite m'amie Ne sais-tu pas, galant, que mon père m'y marie Je sais bien quelque chose que je ne veux pas dire... Ne sais-tu pas, galant, que mon père m'y marie A un vieillard bonhomme qui a la barbe grise Je sais bien quelque chose que je ne veux pas dire... Je voudrais que ces vieux soient dedans un navire A cinque cents lieux au large sans pain et sans farine Je sais bien quelque chose que je ne veux pas dire... Pour leur montrer par là, les pucelles a poursuivre Les vieux sont pour les vieilles, les garçons pour les filles Je sais bien quelque chose que je ne veux pas dire...
Pommier doux 03:35
Par derrière chez mon père |:'y-a-t-un pommier doux :| Les feuilles en sont verts et le fruit en est doux, ah... REFRAIN: J'ai les grains de mille, j'ai les grains de paille J'ai de l'oranger, j'ai du tri, j'ai du tricoli J'ai des allumettes et j'ai des ananas Le pierre à fusil, le laurier fleuri J'ai du zi, j'ai du zenazi, j'ai du zenazen et j'ai du zenazon J'ai de beaux, j'ai de beaux, j'ai de beaux oiseaux. Les feuilles en sont verts |: et le fruit en est doux :| Les trois filles d'un prince sont endormies dessous, ah... REFRAIN Les trois filles d'un prince |: sont endormies dessous :| La plus jeune se reveille, dit, ma soeur, il est jour, ah... REFRAIN La plus jeune se reveille,|: dit, ma soeur, il est jour :| Non, ce n'est qu'une étoile qu'éclaira nos jours, ah... REFRAIN Non, ce n'est qu'une étoile |: qu'éclaira nos jours :| Nos amants sont en guerre qui combattent pour nous, ah... REFRAIN Nos amants sont en guerre|:qui combattent pour nous:| S'ils gagnent la bataille, ils auront nos amours, ah... REFRAIN S'ils gagnent la bataille, |: ils auront nos amours :| S'ils gagnent ou s'ils perdent, ils l'auront toujours, ah... REFRAIN
Maona, leno leno gaote, haino, haino, haino. (repeat) Maona, wai kan chucki kche hinge. (descant) O Maona, be in my head and in my understanding O Maona, be in my eyes and in my seeing O Maona, be in my mouth and in my speaking O Maona, be in my end and at my beginning. Strong of spirit, strong of heart Deep in the heart of the land There's a song of the spirit, a song of the heart Deep in the heart of the land. CHORUS: Run, river, run like blood in the bone Deep in the heart of the land Run, river, run like veins in the stone Deep in the heart of the land. Ocher bison, ocher face... Of power lines a lichened trace... CHORUS The rapid beats below the boat... Feel the pulse of the river in the pulse at your throat... CHORUS Tobacco for the water witch... Memegwayse, o megwitch*... CHORUS Shield of granite, shield of ice... This open heart the Shield's device This is the heart of the land. CHORUS (repeat first verse) *Megwitch is the Ojibwa word for "thank you." Tobacco is the traditional ritual offering to the memegwaysiwuk, the spirits who dwell in the river caves.
We were homeward bound one night on the deep Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep I dreamed a dream and I thought it true Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew. With a hundred seamen he sailed away To the frozen ocean in the month of May To seek a passage around the pole Where we poor seamen do sometimes roll Through cruel hardships they vainly strove Their ship on mountains of ice was drove Only the Eskimo in his skin canoe Was the only one that ever came through And now my burden it gives me pain For my long lost Franklin I would cross the main Ten thousand pounds I would freely give To know that on earth my Franklin do live.
My name was Nellie Prentiss, as you may understand I was born ten miles from Boston town, in Marblehead’s fair land, When I was young and' comely, sure, good fortune to me came, My husband loved me tenderly, Josiah Creesy was his name. My father was a mariner, a master of his trade, He taught me navigation, the horizon I surveyed I shot the moon and the Northern star with my sextant bright and true Till I shipped on board the Oneida as a nurse to all the crew. It was in the yards of East Boston town we met Donald McKay The builder of The Flying Cloud, with her masts that scraped the sky, My man Josiah took her helm and from New York we did go Sixteen thousand miles around the Horn to Califor-ni-o. Now I became a shellback in the year of fifty-one The fastest ship from Sandy Hook had made a record run In two days less than e’er before I found we’d crossed the line I did my calculations o’er to prove the right was mine. Off Tierra del Fuego we ran our easting down The Roaring Forties racked her ‘til the men were like to drown Through storm and fog I set our course, at night I took no rest For the saying of my captain was, her dead reckoning’s the best. With Gold Rush records to be won, our own record we reversed Sixteen hours less than ninety days, we dropped our anchor first We caught the Hornet two days out, not even an hour late The Andrew Jackson never beat us through the Golden Gate. The Flying Cloud was a Boston ship, fifteen hundred tons and two, She could outsail any clipper ship the world it ever knew With her canvas white as the driven snow, set sails of twenty-eight She was sharp and broad, uncommon swift, in all things she was great. When my man he came home from war, ‘twas to find the Black Ball Line Cut down her spars and trimmed her sails and sent her to the Tyne She ran from Deal to Melbourne Town all under Captain Baines She carried lumber from Shelburne, from Gravesend to Brisbane. She broke her back on Beacon Bar and they burned her to the rails They sold her soul for copper and her heart for iron nails No more she’ll fly before the wind and race before the storm Forever may her record stand for the rounding of the Horn. Farewell unto the Flying Cloud, that ship I do adore, I'll never shoot the stars again nor round the Horn no more, But sextants, storms, salt air, and ships have made a life for me, Young ladies, lesson by me take and boldly go to sea.
Ida, do you still, like a mother, gaze anxiously on When the wind calls up its tempest song, And do you still watch o'er your favored bay And recall the years long passed away? Do old Malbone and Longfellow and James drop by To fill your nights with their gay replies, While Luce and Mahan plot history's page From the hallowed halls of another age? Do ever you stroll round to Coggeshall's mews And up Castle Hill or to Cliff Walk's view, Or roam "Bloody Alley" and the famed "Old Fifth" Where rum, chowder, and johnny cakes scent evening's mist? Do Trinity's bells ever charm you from sleep To greet the full sails of a homeward bound fleet, Can our "Red Pants Bravado" arouse the lost smile When the waves were your family and "The Light" was your child? Remember the secret you whispered then On the eve of a gale to the ear of a friend, "By gosh, had it not been for sailors and fools, Lime Rock and I would have had nothing to do!"
Ida Lewis 02:39
Ida Lewis left Newport at the age of 15, Moved onto Lime Light Rock in the 1850's Her father was a captain, now keeper of the light Soon the duties fell on Ida to keep the lamps burning bright. Her sisters & brother she'd row to school every day In a small open lifeboat across the rough bay From his wheelchair her father would watch through the storms In horror as Ida would row the children back home. Renowned for her skills no matter the weather At swimming or rowing no man was her better At the age of 16 she had saved 4 mens' lives By the time she retired she had saved 25 There are saints on the water & demons in the sea One & all they praised Ida for her great bravery On the very night this women died, who had lived on the shoals Every bell on evry boat in Newport did toll Now they've renamed that rock the Ida Lewis Rock Light And in her honor today the lights are still burning bright But sometimes at night when it's rough & it's cold Some claim to see Ida pulling boys from the foam.
Fendez le bois A la claire fontaine, m'en allant promener J'ai trouvé l'eau si belle que je m'y suis baigné Fendez le bois, chauffez le four Dormez, la belle, il n'est point jour. J'ai trouvé l'eau si belle que je m'y suis baigné Dans la plus haute branche le rossignol chantait Fendez le bois... Chante, rossignol, chante, toi qui a le coeur gai Tu as le coeur à rire, moi, je l'ai à pleurer Fendez le bois... C'est la belle Françoise C'est la belle Françoise, lon gai C'est la belle Françoise Qui veut s'y marier, maluron lurette Qui veut s'y marier, maluron luré. Son amant va le voir, lon gai Son amant va le voir Qui veut l'épouserai, maluron lurette Que veut l'épouserai, maluron luré. V'la le bon vent V'la le bon vent, v'la le joli vent V'la le bon vent, m'amie m'appelle V'la le bon vent, v'la le joli vent V'la le bon vent, m'amie m'attend. Derrière chez nous, y a-t-un étang (bis) Trois beaux canards s'en vont baignant V'la le bon vent... Trois beaux canards s'en vont baignant ( bis) Le fils du roi s'en va chassant V'la le bon vent... Le fils du roi s'en va chassant (bis) Visa le noir, tua le blanc V'la le bon vent... O fils du roi, tu es méchant (bis) D'avoir tué mon canard blanc V'la le bon vent... Dans la prison de Londres Dans la prison de Londres, tam de de li de lam Dans la prison de Londres, y'avait un prisonnier Y'avait un prisonnier. Personne venait le voir...Sauf la fille du geôlier (bis) Sil faut que demain j'meurs...Détachez-moi les mains (bis) Quand il eut les mains lâches...A la mer s'est jeté (bis) A la première plonge...Il a manqué s'y noyer (bis) A la deuxième plonge...Le mer a traversé (bis) Si je retourne a Londres...Oui, je l'épouserai. In French, repeated lines are indicated with (bis) and repeated response patterns with an ellipsis.
Offshore 05:15
Rock, little boat, beneath the quiet sky; Only the stars behold us where we lie, -- Only the stars and yonder brightening moon. On the wide sea tonight alone are we; The sweet, bright summer day dies silently, Its glowing sunset will have faded soon. Rock softly, little boat, the while I mark The far off gliding sails, distinct and dark, Across the west pass steadily and slow. But on the eastern waters sad, they change And vanish, dream-like, gray, and cold, and strange, And no one knoweth whither they may go. We care not, we, drifting with wind and tide, While glad waves darken upon either side, Save where the moon sends silver sparkles down, Yonder slender stream of hanging light, And now white, now crimson, tremulously bright, Where dark the lighthouse stands, with fiery crown. Thick falls the dew soundless on sea and shore. It shines on little boat and idle oar, Wherever moonbeams touch with tranquil glow. The waves are full of whispers wild and sweet; They call to me, -- incessantly they beat Along the boat from stern to carved prow. Comes the careering wind, blows back my hair, All damp with dew, to kiss me unaware Murmuring, "Thee I love," and passes on. Sweet sounds on rocky shores the distant rote; Oh could we float forever, little boat, Under the blissful sky drifting alone!
West wind, blow from your prairie nest Blow from the mountains, blow from the west Blow, blow, I have wooed you so But never a favor you bestow. August is laughing across the sky Laughing while paddle, canoe and I Drift, drift where the hills uplift On either side of the current swift. And oh, the river runs swifter now The eddies circle about my bow Swirl, swirl as the ripples curl In many a dangerous pool awhirl! And forward far the rapids roar Fretting their margin for ever more Dash, dash, with a mighty crash They seethe and boil and bound and splash Be strong, o paddle! Be brave, canoe! The restless waves you must plunge into Reel, reel on your trembling keel But never a fear my craft will feel. We’ve raced the rapid, we’re far ahead The river slips through its silent bed Sway, sway as the bubbles spray And fall in tinkling tunes away. And up on the hills against the sky A fir tree rocking its lullaby Swings, swings its emerald wings Swelling the song that my paddle sings.
Topophilia 03:16
Did you ever write a love song to a landscape? Send a sonnet to a swiftly setting sun? Have you fished in rushing rivers 'til you shiver Or worked in watercolors just for fun? If you're crazy 'bout the land There's someone who'll understand There's a word for what you're feeling through and through If you've wondered what to say When they look at you that way Just smile a great big smile and say That you've got CHORUS: Topophilia! Topophilia! You've got to tell the world that you're in love That's Topophilia! Topophilia! with a very special place you're thinking of. When you're hiking through the hills and hear your heartbeat Up its tempo with each look around the bend When your paddle stills the pond to painted silence And you hold your breath for fear the world would end There's a word that can express that certain surge of happiness That being where you love to be can bring And I'm here to tell you true, 'cause I know, I've felt it too And when I do, I open up and sing that I've got Topophilia! Topophilia! I've got to tell the world that I'm in love That's Topophilia! Topophilia! with a very special place I'm thinking of. Now, whether it's a place or special person Relationships are never easy stuff You've got to learn to show them how you're feeling And listen when they say they've had enough Now you might be feeling blue like true lovers often do Or shy to share your sentiments out loud But we can make a start if we say it from the heart And sing out all together that we're proud that we've got Topophilia! Topophilia! We've got to tell the world that we're in love That's Topophilia! Topophilia! with a very special place we're thinking of. Yes, I said Topophilia! Topophilia! We've got to show the world that we're in love That's Topophilia! Topophilia! with all the special places that we love.
I opened the bills when I got home And I can't believe my telephone Why must you live so far away |: Why must I have so much to say :|. Ah, where are the days when a parted pair Would write fond letters their love to share I dry my eyes and I sign my name |: As I write the check, but it's not the same. :| Perhaps someday when I'm old and grey And the grandchildren have come to play Will we climb the stairs to the battered box |: Where the old phone bills lie filed and locked. :| Now (416) made me lose my head And (617) said we'd soon be wed |: And 251-4552 was a love he swore forever true. :| Oh, where are the sketches and poetry Of the grand love letters that used to be And the tender words that I unfold |: To warm my heart when a love grows cold :| So I tie these bills with a ribbon blue I hear the phone, it must be you And with all my heart you'll hear me say |: Hang up, my love, write me today! :|
You were always a traveling woman A spirit creative and free You were born with a love of the wide open world That you traveled your travels to see. You were raised in the New England country Rode horses in 1919 Then you went off to college to study mathematics In summers served Cape Cod ice cream. Then you journeyed to earn independence Keeping books at Cornell had its charm Single woman at thirty, you were married in June Raised your kids on a New Hampshire farm. And you raised them a traveling woman A spirit creative and free You raised them with love of the wide open world That you traveled your travels to see. At fifty-five, you were a Grama At sixty you went round the world Riding camels in Egypt and junks in Hong Kong Twice the tales of those travels unfurled. Then you passed on your gifts to another Taught a child how to travel alone Roamed the beach hunting wentletraps Learning the birds Making your love of nature my own. For you were my traveling woman A spirit creative and free I was born with your love of the wide open world That you traveled your travels to see. From the bridge and the brook and the Big Rock And the trees that you taught me to climb I have journeyed through Europe, Alaska, West Indies Growing stronger and braver each time. And sometimes you are my companion And sometimes I travel alone But I'll always remember the lifetime we've shared As I roam through this world on my own. For now I am a traveling woman The latest in a lineage of three You gave me my love of the wide open world Now you travel my travels with me. Yes, you gave me your love and your wide open world Now you'll travel forever in me.


Time-Traveling True Tales and Songs for Unsung Heroines. Sail, paddle, and row through the first thousand years of Vikings, voyageurs, navigators, and other traditional women's roles.

A thousand years ago, Gudrid the Wanderer sailed in an open boat from Iceland to Newfoundland. In Columbus' lifetime, Marguerite de la Rocque gave birth alone on an island off the Quebec North Shore. Fur trader Lisette Laval paddled three thousand miles across the continent in a single summer in a birchbark canoe. In the days of the clipper ships, Eleanor Creesy set a world record around the Horn as the navigator of the Flying Cloud. Ida Lewis rescued dozens from drowning as the keeper of an island lighthouse. Mina Benson Hubbard charted the unknown Labrador in 1905.

Sing along to true stories and let the lives of these remarkable women inspire your own adventures. Geographer and adventurer Lynn Noel brings these unsung heroines to life as A WOMAN'S WAY takes you on a musical journey across North America by sail, rowboat, paddle, and trail.


released May 18, 2018

Martha Pellerin, Ed Softky, Liz Lewis, Alan Field, Mark Fulton, Rebecca Lee, Kevin Clark, John Kraniak.


all rights reserved



Crosscurrents Music Boston, Massachusetts

Lynn Noel brings traditional song and heritage arts online to create digital community. Lynn has a voice of striking clarity and power, equally at home in rhythmic chanteys and flowing ballads.

Lynn is a respected song session leader on both sides of the Atlantic and the producer and host of the Mermaid's Tavern online folk club. She has earned awards from the IUCN, NRCA, and CDSS.
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